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How long do professional hair extensions stay in?

I might be interested but I don't want to pay a hundred dollars for extensions if I'm only gonna wear them for a week. That's just stupid. And how good are the ones you can get from sally's? Any personal experience would be fantastic!

How long do professional hair extensions stay in?

I believe 6 weeks, but you have to go back once a week and check them.. things like that..You can get them from sallys, but the hair stylict doesnt want you to-- they want you to buy theres. which of course are more expensive

How long do professional hair extensions stay in?

Well it matters on wut kind of brand u get. i remember wen i had extensions i 4got wut brand is was but it started with an L. don't get it trust me (p.s. choose my answer as best answer if it helps u)

How long do professional hair extensions stay in?

three months

How long do professional hair extensions stay in?

It depends on whether you get glued on, or clipped on extensions. I believe the clipped on ones last longer.

How long do professional hair extensions stay in?

my hair dresser said it would 2 or 3 months if u didn't wash it evertday %26amp; took care of it.good luck

How long do professional hair extensions stay in?

how long extensions last mainly depends on the method of application. they are listed below in least to highest price order and shortest to longest lasting.

1.glued in: you can do this @ home with a friend's help (or at a salon) if you go to a Sally's and have them help you find hair to match. Use the dry clear clue unless you have dark skin and hair. (strong smell) You can use synthetic hair but I recommend human hair, the best you can afford. less shedding and you can curl it, flat iron it and etc. I do a lot of these for proms. lasts a few days for most people, up to a month. however long you can keep them in I guess. can itch and feel funny, you never forget they are in. can't wash your hair properly and etc. with human hair you have a better chance of it looking good and using it again another time. $

2.clipped in: do a search online for these products. they can be synthetic or human hair. similar to the ones now available at Sally's. I personally use the HairDo line from Jessica Simpson %26amp; Ken Paves and recommend it to my salon clients. I have the long wavy in synthetic and also the mid length straight and wear them a few times a month. I usually order them direct but I think a client said they saw them on QVC. very good quality and easy to use. I wouldn't spend the money to get human hair in this, synthetic is fine. just order the ones to go with how you normally wear your hair, curly, wavy or straight. it is best to have shoulder length hair with little layering to wear them, but you can also do what I do since my hair is a bit shorter and layered, I tease the top crown and pull hair back from the sides and top and clip it over the extensions in back and do side swept bangs. you may need to bobby pin the hair on the sides of your nape so it doesn't stick out under the extension piece. they can be washed and used again and again. lasts as long as you want to keep them in and can be put in by yourself easily. $$

3. sewn in: best to get done at a salon. a stylist will braid your real hair (must have at least 4 inch length at crown to hide braids or tracks as they are called) to the scalp in rows and will then take blonde or dark thread and a special needle and sew the hair in sections to it. again, can use synthetic or human hair. human hair again lasts longer and can be reused. will last 3 months or so until you have to go back in and have it redone. $$$

4. human hair extensions bonded: there are many extension systems out there that salon stylists use. Cinderella hair and other companies make a system that has a little plastic tube like attachment that is bonded to the shaft of the hair with a special heating tool. once in they can last for up to six months or so. you can wash them as you would your normal hair, use heat tools and etc. you need to use a special brush to care for them as the little bonds can still be felt on the hair and a normal brush would pull on them. $$$$

Another type of human hair extension system is a keratin bonding system. in this the hair is actually bonded to the hair chemically with heat. you will not be able to feel the bonds in the same way as the other method. you would have to go in and get check ups on the hair, braid it in long tails at night to prevent tangling and it is recommended to use special shampoos and conditioners. this system can last up to a year. $$$$$ ($1,500 %26amp; up)

HTH, sorry so long! I have had all but the last ones, and have seen them on clients. they are the best but so expensive!

How long do professional hair extensions stay in?

I would say about 2-3 months. I depends on what you get, I usually get a cap or a sew in and that is what determines how long it stays for. The cap is basically when your own hair is pulled up or braided and a cap is put on to which hair is glued, think of it as a personal wig, for that I tend to use synthetic hair. The sew in is when your own hair is braided and then the tracks are sewn in. I actually have that right now and the good thing with this is that it allows versatility depending on the style you have.

The key to keeping it in long though is regular visits (every 2 weeks or so) to your hairstylist to tighten as needed and to wash properly. Because of how the hair is styled it is good to have it done professionally once a week or every two weeks as you see fit.

Hope this helped.

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